ReciprocalLatticePoint.symmetrise(antipodal=True, unique=True, return_multiplicity=False)[source]#

Return planes with symmetrically equivalent Miller indices.

  • antipodal (bool, optional) – Whether to include antipodal symmetry operations. Default is True.

  • unique (bool, optional) – Whether to return only distinct indices. Default is True. If True, zero-entries, which are assumed to be degenerate, are removed.

  • return_multiplicity (bool, optional) – Whether to return the multiplicity of indices. This option is only available if unique is True. Default is False.


  • ReciprocalLatticePoint – Planes with Miller indices symmetrically equivalent to the original planes.

  • multiplicity (np.ndarray) – Multiplicity of the original Miller indices. Only returned if return_multiplicity is True.


Should be the same as EMsoft’s CalcFamily in their symmetry.f90 module, although not entirely sure. Use with care.