add_dead_pixels(pattern[, n, fraction, seed])

Adds randomly placed dead pixels onto a pattern

add_detector_offset(pattern, offset)

Adds/subtracts a fixed offset value from a pattern

add_gaussian_noise(pattern, sigma[, seed])

Applies gaussian noise at each pixel within the pattern

add_gaussian_point_spread(pattern, sigma)

Blurs intensities across space with a gaussian function

add_linear_detector_gain(pattern, gain)

Multiplies the pattern by a gain (which is not a function of the pattern)

add_shot_noise(pattern[, seed])

Applies shot noise to a pattern

add_shot_and_point_spread(pattern, sigma[, ...])

Adds shot noise (optional) and gaussian point spread (via a convolution) to a pattern

constrain_to_dynamic_range(pattern[, ...])

Force the values within pattern to lie between [0,detector_max]