Generation of reciprocal lattice vectors (crystal plane, reflector, g, hkl) for a crystal structure.


get_equivalent_hkl(hkl, operations[, ...])

Return symmetrically equivalent Miller indices.

get_highest_hkl(lattice[, min_dspacing])

Return the highest Miller indices hkl of the plane with a direct space interplanar spacing greater than but closest to a lower threshold.


Return a list of planes from a set of highest Miller indices.


ReciprocalLatticePoint(phase, hkl)

[Deprecated] Reciprocal lattice point (or crystal plane, reflector, g, etc.) with Miller indices, length of the reciprocal lattice vectors and other relevant structure_factor parameters.

ReciprocalLatticeVector(phase[, xyz, hkl, hkil])

Reciprocal lattice vectors \((hkl)\) for use in electron diffraction analysis and simulation.