diffsims.utils.shape_factor_models.lorentzian(excitation_error, max_excitation_error)[source]#

Lorentzian intensity profile that should approximate the two-beam rocking curve. This is equation (6) in reference [1].

  • excitation_error (array-like or float) – The distance (reciprocal) from a reflection to the Ewald sphere

  • max_excitation_error (float) – The distance at which a reflection becomes extinct


intensity_factor – Vector representing the rel-rod factor for each reflection

Return type:

array-like or float


[1] L. Palatinus, P. Brázda, M. Jelínek, J. Hrdá, G. Steciuk, M. Klementová, Specifics of the data processing of precession electron diffraction tomography data and their implementation in the program PETS2.0, Acta Crystallogr. Sect. B Struct. Sci. Cryst. Eng. Mater. 75 (2019) 512–522. doi:10.1107/S2052520619007534.