atanc(excitation_error, max_excitation_error)

Intensity with arctan(s)/s profile that closely follows sin(s)/s but is smooth for s!=0.

binary(excitation_error, max_excitation_error)

Returns a unit intensity for all reflections

linear(excitation_error, max_excitation_error)

Returns an intensity linearly scaled with by the excitation error

lorentzian(excitation_error, ...)

Lorentzian intensity profile that should approximate the two-beam rocking curve.

lorentzian_precession(excitation_error, ...)

Intensity profile factor for a precessed beam assuming a Lorentzian intensity profile for the un-precessed beam.

sin2c(excitation_error, max_excitation_error)

Intensity with sin^2(s)/s^2 profile, after Howie-Whelan rel-rod

sinc(excitation_error, max_excitation_error)

Returns an intensity with a sinc profile