DiffractionSimulation.get_as_mask(shape, radius=6.0, negative=True, radius_function=None, direct_beam_position=None, in_plane_angle=0, mirrored=False, *args, **kwargs)[source]#

Return the diffraction pattern as a binary mask of type bool

  • shape (2-tuple of ints) – Shape of the output mask (width, height)

  • radius (float or array, optional) – Radii of the spots in pixels. An array may be supplied of the same length as the number of spots.

  • negative (bool, optional) – Whether the spots are masked (True) or everything else is masked (False)

  • radius_function (Callable, optional) – Calculate the radius as a function of the spot intensity, for example np.sqrt. args and kwargs supplied to this method are passed to this function. Will override radius.

  • direct_beam_position (2-tuple of ints, optional) – The (x,y) coordinate in pixels of the direct beam. Defaults to the center of the image.

  • in_plane_angle (float, optional) – In plane rotation of the pattern in degrees

  • mirrored (bool, optional) – Whether the pattern should be flipped over the x-axis, corresponding to the inverted orientation


mask – Boolean mask of the diffraction pattern

Return type: