diffsims.generators.rotation_list_generators.get_beam_directions_grid(crystal_system, resolution, mesh='spherified_cube_edge')[source]#

Produces an array of beam directions, within the stereographic triangle of the relevant crystal system. The way the array is constructed is based on different methods of meshing the sphere [Cajaravelli2015] and can be specified through the mesh argument.

  • crystal_system (str) – Allowed are: ‘cubic’,’hexagonal’,’trigonal’,’tetragonal’, ‘orthorhombic’,’monoclinic’,’triclinic’

  • resolution (float) – An angle in degrees representing the worst-case angular distance to a first nearest neighbor grid point.

  • mesh (str) – Type of meshing of the sphere that defines how the grid is created. Options are: uv_sphere, normalized_cube, spherified_cube_corner (default), spherified_cube_edge, icosahedral, random.



Return type:

list of tuples