ProbeFunction.FT(y, out=None)[source]#

Returns the Fourier transform of func on the mesh y. Again, if out is provided then computation is inplace. If y is a list of arrays then it is converted into a mesh first. If this function is not overridden then an approximation is made using func and the fft.

  • y (numpy.ndarray, (nx, ny, nz, 3) or list of arrays of shape) – [(nx,), (ny,), (nz,)] Mesh of Fourier coordinates at which to evaluate the probe density.

  • out (numpy.ndarray, (nx, ny, nz), optional) – If provided then computation is performed inplace.


out – An array equal to FourierTransform(probe)(y).

Return type:

numpy.ndarray, (nx, ny, nz)