diffsims.structure_factor.get_atomic_scattering_parameters(element, unit=None)[source]#

Return the eight atomic scattering parameters a_1-4, b_1-4 for elements with atomic numbers Z = 1-98 from Table 12.1 in [DeGraef2007], which are themselves from [Doyle1968] and [Smith1962].

  • element (int or str) – Element to return scattering parameters for. Either one-two letter string or integer atomic number.

  • unit (str, optional) – Either “nm” or “Å”/”A”. Whether to return parameters in terms of Å^-2 or nm^-2. If None (default), Å^-2 is used.


  • a (numpy.ndarray) – The four atomic scattering parameters a_1-4.

  • b (numpy.ndarray) – The four atomic scattering parameters b_1-4.


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